Wednesday, June 8, 2022

The best images of Austin Butler in the press tour of the film 'Elvis' -


With Austin Butler playing one of the greatest (and best-dressed) rock and roll icons in music history, he needed to look the part on the press tour.

Many expected him to wear Elvis Presley-inspired costumes with rhinestones and plunging necklines. But Butler exceeded expectations by not wearing any of these costumes.

Instead, Austin showed what chic minimalism meant in men’s fashion, with subtle hints of the 50s that made Elvis Presley world-famous.

With the help of his stylists Tom Ereboot and Sandra Amador, Butler proved that a simple ensemble can still make an important statement.

He presented Presley’s look in a more modern way, given the singer’s penchant for smart suits and large-collared 50s shirts.

At the screening of the movie ” ELVIS ” in London, the actor was dressed in a stylish white blazer from Alexander McQueen, which was complemented by a white T-shirt and black trousers. A thin, barely noticeable necklace on a gold chain was in harmony with a brooch on a lapel.

At the Cannes Film Festival for a photocall last week, Butler wore a large-collared white shirt and high-waisted black trousers. And how gorgeous it looked! The look, so fitting for the Côte d’Azur, was completed by wayfarer glasses and a laconic little Cartier watch with a brown leather bracelet.

At the Cannes premiere, Austin Butler also wore a Celine double-breasted tuxedo, a black bow tie, pointy patent leather shoes, and a purple flower brooch that added just the right amount of chic.

Whether the actor was dressed in casual wear for daytime events or evening wear, Butler gave each look a little bit of personality and flair – and this is exactly where the musician whose image he embodied was a real pioneer. We would say that Austin Butler did everything right and did not turn the image of Elvis Presley into a parody.


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