Sunday, June 19, 2022

The airline delayed first-class passengers because of Victoria Beckham. Musician Boy George was outraged by this. -


British musician Boy George posted an angry tweet to British Airways and Victoria Beckham. According to him, the airline’s employees detained first-class passengers so the car would take Victoria directly from the plane.

So kind of British Airways to make first-class passengers wait for the car to pick up Victoria Beckham from the plane. It is worth giving up flying with them for a while. The musician was indignant.

He later deleted the tweet and wrote a new one, stating that he posts on Twitter impulsively but quickly moves away. Victoria Beckham has not commented on the musician’s allegations.

This is not the first time Boy George has criticized Victoria Beckham and the Spice Girls. The musician previously stated that he hates them, called the group “terrible,” and said that the Spice Girls are proof that “a good stylist is more important than good music.”

Previously, Victoria Beckham shared on Instagram a video with her friend Eva Longoria, whom she met in Los Angeles. Her husband, David Beckham, also spends time in Venice with his daughter Harper.

Mail Online has contacted Victoria Beckham and representatives of British Airways for comment.

This is not the first time the artist, whose real name is George Alan O’Dowd, has talked about the fashion designer.

But the boy George seems to want to amend, as he tweeted that Beckham was “innocent” in his brief but sweet feud with British Airways.

The Kent-born singer dramatically banned one of his performances on The Voice from singing the Spice Girls Ballet during the hot knockout stage of the competition.

In 2016, George banned solo singer Vangelis from performing the band’s 1997 hit Viva Forever before launching a vicious attack on Girl Power Five Pieces.

“The Spice Girls are awesome,” she said sternly. I hate them. They have nothing to say.

“They are a vicious corporate creation and proof that a good stylist is more important than a good melody.”

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