Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Tamar Braxton Shares An Old Clip On Her Social Media Account -


Tamar Braxton shared an old clip on her social media account featuring her mother. Check it out here.

‘I usually don’t like watching old clips from the Braxton’s because it’s all too painful…BUT @vicmram killed this and made me laugh so hard! Thank you and thank God for the memories,’ Tamar said.

Someone else said: ‘That’s Ol school momma that doesn’t curse but those words cut deep.’


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A fan posted this: ‘I think Evelyn represents THEE black mother of the world’ and a fan said: ‘t sucks being the baby lol like damn can I jus finish saying the way I need to say.’

Someone else said: ‘You’re not alone. My last ass tapping was when I was 18. My Momma toe my brother up. He was 30 on his last one and I rooted her on.’

Someone else said: ‘Girl I done played this clip bout 20xs Chile….yo mama don’t play. Shidddd had me scared. I’m ing like damn, @tamarbraxton what you dun did naaaaah.’

A follower said: ‘ Ms. Evelyn always reminds me of Aunt Sharon. Only know one in our family EVER dares ever to try your mom to this point. I’m still drinking beet juice daily cause my auntie said so. Lol.’

Someone else said: ‘Honestly… I loved the show because I love y’all but it was painful. It was real family shit and we got to see it all. I cried like y’all were my actual family. So I definitely understand. I love y’all.’

‘Your Mom sounds like me when I talk to my kids I told them I never done them like that,’ and someone else’s said: ‘OMG my momma is the exact same way!! She doesn’t care I’m 40something I can still get those hands @tamarbraxton.’

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