Monday, June 20, 2022

Stephen Colbert's Team At The Late Show Was Charged With Unlawful Entry At The U.S. Capitol And Detained -


The U.S. Capitol and the riots that took place there following the 2020 elections are a hot topic right now due to the riots and the entire situation being thoroughly investigated. Naturally, all news outlets and T.V. shows including late-night comedy want a scoop, which is why the team from Stephen Colbert‘s “Late Show With Stephen Colbert” was there to conduct some interviews and get some material for their next show. The interviews were being conducted by one and only, Triumph, the insult comic dog, who is voiced and worked by comedian Robert Smigel.

According to the United States Capitol Police (USCP), they responded to a call that reported a disturbance in the Longworth House Office Building. The USCP arrived and detained people of the Late Show’s team claiming that they found the individuals “unescorted and without Congressional ID.”

The USCP made a very stern statement regarding the matter saying, “The building was closed to visitors, and these individuals were determined to be a part of a group that had been directed by the USCP to leave the building earlier in the day. This is an active criminal investigation, and may result in additional criminal charges after consultation with the U.S. Attorney.”

CBS, the network where the show airs, said that the interviews being conducted and the material being shot was “authorized and pre-arranged through Congressional aides.”

The team from the Late Show conducted the interviews and only stayed in the halls to gather some more comedy material with Triumph, the insult comic dog.

Hearings are still underway regarding the riots following the 2020 elections. Among the witnesses that have been brought and questioned in front of the committee so far are a U.S. Capitol Police officer, a former U.S. attorney, and a former Fox News political editor.

The public hearing in the committee on Thursday brought up the matter of Mike Pence, the former Vice President, who faced a great deal of pressure from former President Donald Trump over helping him overturn the result of the 2020 elections.


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