Thursday, June 23, 2022

Sisters Hadid in an extraordinary outfit went to a costume party -


Previously, the Hadid sisters often delighted fans with joint photographs, but recently the girls rarely go out together: Gigi is raising her daughter, and Bella is up to her ears at work. However, sometimes models still find time to spend time together.

So, the girls attended a party of a close friend who arranged a large-scale masquerade ball on his birthday. For the event, the stars chose extremely spectacular costumes.

Gigi wore a stunning dress: a pink corset and a scarlet organza skirt that emphasized her feminine curves. Long snow-white gloves, a pearl necklace, and a masquerade mask with feathers completed the bow.

As for Bella, she was wearing a white gown with a silver splitter design. Black lace straps peeked out from under her dress, and she wore a lace cuff around one upper arm.

While posing for an Instagram story selfie, Bella showed off her smoky eye and updo. Hair bands were left on both sides. By pulling her hair and removing it from her face, you could see her diamond earrings.

This is definitely not the first time that the two have shared a memorable moment with their sister.

The pair had just been spotted at the Met Gala, and in the past, they have walked together on runway shows.

Although their shapes were not exactly the same on Saturday night, the sisters have had plenty of twin moments in the past.

Playing with her sister, in contrast, Bella chose a less flamboyant outfit: the star wore a set of white corsets and a skirt decorated with a print of black paint drops.

Adding a black lace mask and matching clutch to the outfit, the girl completed the look.

During the party, the girls took some atmospheric pictures, which they shared on social networks. How do you like the looks of the models?

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