Monday, June 27, 2022

Singer Adele seriously angered fans -


34-year-old singer Adele seems to be about to fall into a new scandal.

The thing is that the other day she shared on her blog some details of her upcoming concert in London. The celebrity posted a picture with other artists who will perform in Hyde Park with her.

The star also stressed that she felt extremely excited before this event. “It will be incredible! A whole day of performances. I can’t stay to share the stage with these women,” she said.

Hardly at the time of writing this post, Adele could have guessed what kind of reaction it would cause.

The thing is that after the rescheduled concert in Las Vegas, she never set new dates, and the American fans of the singer have been waiting for at least some news about him for almost half a year – the performance itself was supposed to take place at the end of January this year.

“How about Las Vegas?”, “I’m beginning to feel like I should have returned these tickets,” “Adele will probably have time to do a whole tour before she finally returns to the USA,” “I’m starting to think that she is simply ignoring the American audience,” “You must be joking? Not a word about Las Vegas in six months, and now this. At the very least, it is extremely ugly,” fans are outraged in the comments.

By the way, earlier in the press, they already discussed the fact that Adele does not announce new concert dates but is not going to return money to fans.

The staff who worked on the concert were suspended until the beginning of autumn. Rumor has it that the long-awaited concert may not take place at all this year.

The last-minute cancellation cost many fans pockets after spending thousands on tickets and plane fares to see him on stage.

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