Friday, June 3, 2022

Russel Crowe Is Back And He Intends To Throw Hands -


The first look at the upcoming film on the life of English bare-knuckled Prize Fighter James Belcher dropped and fans were ecstatic to see that legendary actor Russel Crowe will be part of the cast. The film is titled Prize Fighter: The Life of Jem Belcher. Jem Belcher is one of the most renowned English Bare Knuckle fighters from the 1800s who remained champion of all England for 5 years from 1800 to 1805.

It is said the Russel Crowe will be playing the fighter’s grand father in the movie. Russel Crowe was seen in a much more rugged and fuller physical shape which befits the role of a brawler. The stills from the film showed Russel getting involved in a bare knuckle fight outdoors and then treating himself to a pint in the pub. Fans are excited to see what Russel will be bringing to the role.

Russel has done justice and then some to iconic roles throughout his career. One of his most popular roles was in Gladiator of Maximus. Other highlights from the actor’s career include playing schizophrenic scientist, John Nash in A Beautiful Mind, playing the prophet Noah in the movie Noah and if all that wasn’t enough, Crowe played Super Man’s dad, Jor-El, in the 2013 Man of Steel film.

Crowe has also been casted in the upcoming Marvel film, Thor: Love and Thunder by director Taika Waititi. Crowe appears to be playing the role of the Olympian God Zeus in the movie, another role where his bulkier physique will come in handy. Taika has promised fans that they will be seeing Russell Crowe in a way that they have never seen him before.

Prize Fighter began its production in 2021 but faced several delays however with Amazon picking up its distribution duties, and Crowe joining the cast, the project is picking up a lot of steam and fans are starting to get excited to see movie. Despite being in a supportive role, Russel’s particular brand of acting is sure to bring a lot of value to the project and will influence the direction it takes.

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