Friday, June 10, 2022

Queen Latifah Talks About Obesity Diagnosis With Jada -


Queen Latifah recently appeared on Jada Pinkett Smith‘s Red Table Talk to discuss the latest updates from her hip and happening life, one of which was the fact that Queen Latifah has recently discovered that she fits the criteria for an obesity diagnosis.

Latifah revealed that she was told by her trainer Janette Jenkins that she would be included in the obese category which at first really upset the star but then began to make her think about the whole situation in way more depth and she began to contemplate on how the very word obesity is understood in society.

After doing a BMI test, Queen Latifah discovered that she was about 30% above the level she should be. Latifah said that she knew that she needed to eat better and hit the gym more but she never associated herself with the word obesity which she thought referred to people who had a complete lack of mobility and control over their own life. Latifah remarked that the reason behind this is because there is a very strong stigma attached to the word Obesity and that stigma prevents the actual conversation which needs to happening, from happening.

Latifah further went onto to talk about the latest campaign that she has started in collaboration with a pharmaceutical company to go all over America and have honest conversations with people to erase the very stigma she mentioned so that an honest conversation can be had about personal health.

Latifah pointed out that the obesity problem is much beyond just the physical aspect of it, and that it can have genetic and hormonal components which are not addressed because people can hardly go beyond the stigma. Latifah said once you understand these components than you can take a step for the sake of your personal health.

Fans took to social media platform to react to Jada’s and Queen’s conversation and they had nothing but praise for it. All the fans admired the two celebrities for having a real and authentic conversation regarding obesity and the stigma around it trying to bring it back to its roots where it is a real health issue that needs to be addressed.

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