Monday, June 27, 2022

Queen Elizabeth II returned to horseback riding after a prolonged illness -


People reported that the Queen is back on horseback! Moreover, in the truest sense of this meaning: insiders from the entourage of Elizabeth II told the tabloid journalists that Her Majesty expressed a desire to ride her Fell pony horse across the lawn near Windsor Castle.

The source admitted that some courtiers were surprised at how confident the monarch was in the saddle. For the walk, the Queen chose a horse named Fern, which she was given as a gift 16 years ago.

It is not surprising that as soon as the health of Elizabeth II improved after a recent ailment, due to which she was unable to attend the royal races at Ascot, she immediately decided to return to her favorite hobby.

After all, since childhood, the Queen has considered herself an avid rider: she owns the best horses in the UK and breeds them all her life.

At one of the official ceremonies dedicated to the celebration of the Platinum Jubilee of the reign of Elizabeth II, she treated the horses with sugar in front of thousands of subjects.

Last fall, the Queen was forced to give up her favorite hobby- horseback riding, due to problems with the musculoskeletal system, because of which she had, as insiders say, “some kind of mobility problems.”

However, throughout all these months, Elizabeth II regularly visited her own stables and received reports from the grooms working with her beloved pets.

She also made several visits to the royal family’s Sandringham stud farm to see that all the animals were healthy and talk to racing manager John Warren.

Despite the good news from the palace, royal expert Daniela Elser believes that Elizabeth II has seriously passed over the past year. It is time for her to think about transferring power to her son, Prince Charles.

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