Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Prince Andrew will attend a big event at the palace - yuetu.info


The platinum anniversary of the monarch passed without Prince Andrew: a few weeks before the trooping the color parade, the Duke announced that he had passed a positive test for a coronavirus infection, but fans did not believe him.

But next week, Yorksky will attend an important royal event, despite his removal from the affairs of the British crown. In January, the prince was stripped of his title, patronage, and military ranks due to a trial in the rape case of American Virginia Giuffre.

It seemed that Prince Andrew could say goodbye to social life forever, but Elizabeth II was in no hurry to renounce her son.

On Monday, York sky will attend the Order of the Garter ceremony, one of the key events in the annual royal calendar. As a knight of the Order – the oldest and noblest award in the world the prince will join the representatives of the royal family in Windsor.

At past events, he has been seen walking with other holders of the Order, including his older brother Prince Charles, nephew Prince William, and former British Prime Ministers, down the hill from Windsor Castle to the annual service, which usually takes place in St George’s Chapel.

It is worth noting that it is this title that the Duke retains, regardless of other privileges and military ranks, which he was deprived of.

An important detail is that the noblest Order, the garter is the most ancient and highest Order, founded by King Edward III in 1348. Each member of the circle must be a knight-baschel, and membership of the circle is limited to the current monarch Elizabeth II, his heir Prince Charles, and 24 other people knights and cavalry ladies.

According to legend, Edward III, while dancing at the ball, picked up the garter lost by the lady, the part of the underwear that serves to support the stockings, after which he gathered all the ladies of the court around him, who directed mocking glances at the king.

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