Sunday, June 19, 2022

President Joe Biden Falls Of His Bike Adding Fuel To The Already Circulating Rumors of His Poor Health -


President Joe Biden was recently out on one of his daily bike rides that he likes to take with his wife Jill Biden when suddenly he tumbled and fell to the ground. Reporters, security, and other on-lookers rushed forward to help the President back on his feet. While everyone was concerned that the president may have injured himself, Biden himself got up telling everyone that he was perfectly fine. “I’m good,” said the president. Biden explained that his foot got caught in the pedal of the bicycle, which made him fall down as he attempted to stop the bike. The White House told news outlets that the President is perfectly fine now with no need for any medical attention and looks forward to spending the rest of the day with his wife and kids.

The tumble was minor but it adds more to the discussion of President Joe Biden’s failing health. People have been noticing that the President seems to be stumbling, tripping, and even struggling with his words quite a bit lately which is raising concerns regarding his physical and mental health at the moment. There is a very serious debate going on at the moment regarding whether Biden is physically and mentally well to contest the 2024 elections.

Reports from among Democrats suggest that the party is considering convincing Biden to not contest the 2024 elections given his current health situation and also the dropping confidence among the general public. The rising prices of Gas and Inflation have left the public feeling some kind of way about Joe Biden.

Despite all the facts clearly pointing in a downward direction though, sources say Democrats are hesitant to speak against Biden or express any ill will towards him given Biden won the elections against the unusually popular Donald Trump and helped rid him from the Oval Office.

President Biden was seen brushing himself off after the little incident with the bicycle and then he was seen chatting with a little boy who asked Biden what it was like being president to which Biden cheerfully replied “Oh it’s like any other job. Some parts are hard.”


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