Saturday, June 4, 2022

Post Malone Is Ready To Be A Father, "I'm Gonna Be A Hot Dad," Says Rapper -


Rapper Post Malone has recently revealed to the public that him and his girlfriend are expecting a baby.  The 26 year old artists shows nothing but excitement as he talks about the upcoming change in his life. Post Malone says he is the happiest he has ever been and now it is the time for him to start taking care of himself and those around him in order to establish a positive environment and good karma for the arrival of his new born child.

Malone has been very private about his love life until now which is why the identity of the rappers long time girlfriend remains unknown but sources do report that the couple hosted a private party in California to celebrate the good news. It is also clear that Malone’s girlfriend is not someone who’s famous and well-known to the general public.

The rapper talked about how he has actually always wanted a child. He revealed that as a kid he had a baby doll that he would take care of diligently and would take around with him everywhere he went. He also revealed that his mother still possesses that doll. Better hold on to that Mama Malone, it’ll make quite the top seller on Ebay.

In addition to expecting fatherhood, the rapper is also anticipating the release of his next album that is expected to drop today. Malone talked about how he was tired of listening to the demands of labels and no longer cared about things like having a hit single on the charts but rather wanted to make music the way he wants to. The rapper reveals that he has sacrificed on the way he wants to do his art a lot in the past, but he longer wants to do that. The rapper wants to follow his gut and his vibe wherever it may take him.

Malone revealed that the new album talked about the ups and downs of being an artist in the mainstream and disarray he experienced while living the life his mainstream music made for him. The new album is titled, “Twelve Carat Toothache,” and is expected to drop on all music platforms today.


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