Wednesday, June 8, 2022

People Are Curious About The Mysterious Identity of Late Rapper Trouble's Girlfriend As The Artist Recently Passed Away -


Atlanta Rapper, Trouble, who was signed to Def Jam Records was declared dead on Sunday 5th of June as news broke out that the artist was involved in a shooting. According to the local authorities, the rapper “was found with a gunshot wound at the Lake St. James Apartments in Conyers at 3:20 a.m. Sunday, June 5, 2022.”

The hip hop community was heartbroken to hear of the news. It was revealed that the rapper was brought to the hospital but succumbed to his wounds. As people mourned the news, no one was more distraught then the rappers family and his girlfriend, whose identity up till now has been somewhat of a mystery.

It was recently revealed, that the late rapper’s girlfriend is named Nicole Moorman; a 34 year old attorney who specializes in criminal defense. She primarily works on felony and federal cases. The earliest record of the attorney dating Trouble was a picture of the two that the rapper shared on his Instagram but as expected, the post was taken down which is why the identity of the rapper’s girlfriend has remained a mystery.

Nicole’s own Instagram and other social media handles have been quiet ever since the news and understandably so.

At the moment, there is no news of any arrests being made in the case however, police have begun their investigation and The Rockdale County Sheriff has announced that they have a suspect in the case and as of now the authorities even have a warrant to investigate 33-year-old Jamichael Jones.

Jones is an Atlanta resident and already has several charges against him. The 33 year old is currently wanted for home invasion, felony murder, and aggravated assault and is as of now a suspect in this case as well.

The authorities revealed that at the time of the tragic incident, Trouble was visiting a female friend whom he knew and the shooting occurred in a “Domestic Situation.”

As investigation in Atlanta continues, fans from all around are pouring in their condolences, thoughts and prayers for the friends, family and all those who were close to the Atlanta rapper.


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