Sunday, June 26, 2022

Lupita Nyong'o' Dances In Cute Video on Instagram; Shows Off Incredible Beach Body -


Lupita Nyong’o’ is a Kenyan-Mexican actress that has been rising to the top with her acting skills and exceptional beauty. She has truly made a name for herself in the acting world. She is best known recently for her role as Nakia in Black Panther.

Recently, Lupita showed off her beautiful beach body and her dancing skills in a post on Instagram. The actress was seen dancing to the song ‘Cute’ by musical artist Trillary Banks and South-African musician Moonchild Sanelly. The post itself got 400,000 likes.

Lupita was seen wearing shades as she danced in multiple bathing suits to the song. She danced to the song’s chorus “Yes I’m cute, I’m not rude, I be breaking all the rules.” while she captioned her post “Yes, I’m CUTE #FirstDayOfSummer ready.”

To her post, many fans and celebrities sent heartwarming supportive comments. The post was loved by everyone who thought she did look cute. Moonchild Sanelly herself was seen commenting on the post and tagging an African choreographer. Vanessa Hudgens called her adorable and many other celebrities commented on heart eye emojis and red hearts under her post.

Fans were no less in their support. They complimented her body and talked about how her skin made her glow. Fans were super happy with her look and encouraged her more.

The actress has been busy filming the second “Black Panther” movie. She’s all ready to take on the role of Nakia again. The making of the film has been in discussion since the lead actor Chadwick Boseman passed away in 2020. It was in contemplation whether Chadwick’s role of T’Challa would be re-casted but the director of the movie, Ryan Coogler, confirmed that the role would not be re-casted. There would be a special homage to the actor in the second movie.

Fans are very excited about the new movie however they do feel the loss of Chadwick. The plot of the movie has not been released yet however the movie seems to want to take fans back to Wakanda and explore more about the nation’s new place in the world. The movie is said to release sometime in November 2022.

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