Saturday, June 4, 2022

Kristen Stewart responded to the audience who left the theater at the premiere of the horror film 'Crimes of the Future' at Cannes -


Kristen Stewart doesn’t care too much about people who can’t digest her latest project. The actress, who starred in David Cronenberg’s horror film Future Crimes, didn’t seem upset that several viewers left the film’s press screening at once. Instead, people came out of the theater during scary scenes in the film. The tape tells about an artist who grows unnecessary organs, and he gets rid of them in front of the audience, arranging terrible performances. Discussing the film at a press conference the next day, Stewart, who plays an investigative surgeon working for the National Organ Registry, said:

“Everyone loves to talk about how difficult Cronenberg’s films are to watch, and it’s funny to talk about people walking out of a screening at Cannes. Every gaping, weird moment in his films makes me gasp. You want to get close to it, and it never disgusts me. I feel this is due to a visceral desire, and that’s the only reason we’re alive,” the actress summed up.

Stewart, 32, also recalled that the Canadian director and screenwriter received similar reviews for his films The Fly and Shivers. But in general, in Cannes, they favorably reacted to his new creation.

Crimes of the Future is the opposite of Kristen Stewart’s last major film role. Recall that in the 2021 film Spencer, she embodied the image of Princess Diana herself and received her first Oscar nomination for this. Before her appearance at the ceremony in March this year, Stewart spoke about how she handled the role:

“I played her when it was hard and sad, but she also has an unstoppable light. And even just trying to touch it, I learned a lot. In particular, I felt like I was allowed to grow as a person. Even if it was in my imagination, I completely convinced myself that all of a sudden I had this superpower that she had – to make people feel good,” the actress shared.

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