Sunday, June 5, 2022

Kim Kardashian refused to be invited to a party at Buckingham palace -


The other day it became known that Kim Kardashian flew to London with her boyfriend, Pete Davidson. Then many Britons were surprised that the reality TV star decided to come to the country on the eve of the celebration of the platinum anniversary of Elizabeth II. Kim’s fans immediately assumed that she wanted to participate in the celebrations.

In the end, she managed to convince the museum staff to lend her the legendary dress of Marilyn Monroe. After the appearance of the star at the Met Gala, it seemed that nothing was impossible for the Kardashians at all. And the fans were right about Kim’s intentions. The other day, Daily Mail journalists found out why the celebrity arrived in the UK.

It turned out that the official representatives of Kim Kardashian turned to the staff of Buckingham Palace with a request to send them an invitation to a party to be held this Saturday. However, it turned out that members of the royal family were not too eager to see Kim in their ranks. So Kim was denied VIP invitations.

However, according to journalists, Kardashian does not lose hope of getting to the landmark event. “Now she is trying to get tickets in other ways. And by the way, he doesn’t mind at all if the tickets are not VIP. Kim is extremely rarely denied attendance at any event, so all this is surprising for her,” said the insiders in an interview with reporters. Davidson and Kardashian spent Tuesday shopping for jewelry at Mayfair, a London suburb, before enjoying a less important night at River Cafe.

Reports say the queen is “taking the leap” and will watch the party on TV from Windsor Castle but will not attend. Other members of the royal family are expected to replace the queen.

Prince Charles, the Queen, Prince Louis, Duchess of Cambridge, Princess Charlotte, Prince George, and Prince William all appeared on the palace balcony this morning.

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