Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Khloe Kardashian copied the image of Kim Kardashian -


The famous fashionista Kim Kardashian inspires women around the world – she is admired, and many try to imitate her. But, it is worth noting that close people also take an example from her.

So her younger sister Chloe repeated her fashionable image. On the eve of the star was photographed in a nude latex dress from Atsuko Kudo.

The outfit seemed familiar to fans of the star family – and for a good reason: in the same dress, only a shorter version, Kim was published back in 2015 and then wore it several more times.

The tight outfit emphasized Chloe’s slender figure, lush chest, and embossed arms. The star noticeably lost weight and looked very impressive in a seductive outfit that she wore without a bra.

Netizens noted that Chloe looks amazing, saying that in the fashion battle against her sister, she came out the winner. “Kim, I’m sorry, but I give my vote to Chloe!”, “Chloe has lost so much weight! The dress definitely sits on her better than on Kim”, “Chloe has noticeably blossomed,” writes Internet users.

It is possible that Khloé pulled the dress out of Kim’s extensive fashion archive, where the founder of SKIMS has every look he has ever worn – including his lilac bridesmaid gown for Khloé’s wedding, his The first Met Gala costume, and the midi equipped for her “Tao Birthday” – stored in labels, dates, and cloth bags. During a recent episode of The Kardashians, Kim visited the cameras at a large storage unit in search of something emotional to put in his family’s time capsule. “I mean, it’s her own time capsule.

I’ve saved everything. So I have every shape, every dress, every function. I like it because it’s like going the way of memory. “. “It’s all very special just to see it.”

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