Monday, June 13, 2022

Kate Middleton did not plan to introduce her children to their sister Lilibet from the very beginning -


Last week, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry brought their daughter Lilibet Diana to the UK for the first time. Together with her great-grandmother, the baby celebrated her first birthday.

She could also meet her cousins ​​and sister. However, this did not happen.

Kate Middleton and Prince William went to Cardiff with their children. Later, journalists found out that Megan and Harry invited relatives to a children’s party, but they refused.

Probably, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex wanted to improve relations with the Dukes of Cambridge with the help of Elizabeth II – she was present at Lilibet’s first birthday. However, even Her Majesty failed to help the brothers overcome their grievances.

Now, rumor has it that Prince Harry is going to demand an apology. But he is unlikely to succeed because his older brother is extremely serious. The other day, Us Weekly journalists talked to insiders who explained that Kate and William did not plan from the very beginning to introduce children to their cousin and sister.

“There is serious tension between William and Harry. And as far as I understand, neither of them tried to talk to the other. It is quite natural that Kate and William did not want to introduce the children to Archie and Lilibet,” the expert emphasized in an interview with reporters.

Meghan, Harry, Kate, and William were definitely not seen together in public, and we already know that Cambridge missed Lily’s party, so … yeah, not sure when she’s cool. Will be. However, a source told US Weekly that the party was not deliberate: “It was completely coincidental. See you.

They’re trying to figure things out. Harry and Meghan had a great time seeing the Queen again. It was one of the biggest highlights of their year so far.

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