Sunday, June 12, 2022

Julia Fox tried on a wedding dress from a famous designer -


The day before, Julia Fox shared unexpected pictures on her blog – the star tried on a wedding dress from Zac Posen. And the designer intrigued netizens even more by adding an emoji in the form of a wedding ring to the picture.

However, the intrigue was short-lived. In real life, the actress is not going to get married, and she did not reunite with Kanye West. Fox chose the fashion image to promote the movie Coach.

While Fox is known for her extravagant outfits, her latest look is the complete opposite. The star usually prefers things made of latex and leather and even sews bold outfits for herself.

However, in recent months, Fox has become a darling of designers, making her runway debut during New York Fashion Week in February and taking a front-row seat at the Versace show a few days later.

Looks like bridal fashion could be the next step in her fashion career.

In a previous post, The romance between Julia Fox and Kanye West developed so rapidly that it was at the center of everyone’s attention. However, in recent days, fans have noticed that the couple has almost no joint photos, although there had never been such a break in posting on social networks before.

Julia’s representatives confirmed that the celebrities had broken up. However, the actress did not become sad – on the same evening; she opened the Laquan Smith show.

The girl defiled in a tight black maxi with unusual cuts on her chest. The image was complemented by white pumps with a pointed cape, massive paired bracelets, and earrings resembling the silhouette of a snake.

Even at the fashion show, the debutant model did not change her favorite “cat” arrows – they only got a scarlet accent.

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