Saturday, June 4, 2022

Julia Fox appeared with bleached eyebrows and a leather coat with an open back -


Even at the annual Met Gala 2022, one of the sisters from the Kardashian clan surprised fans with the absence of eyebrows. But as it turned out, Kendall Jenner’s secret life hack was a special concealer that could discolor this area on her face with a wave of her hand. Now, this beauty technique has been taken as a basis by the unspoken rival of the beauty Kim – Julia Fox, who continues to amaze the audience with her risky fashion decisions. But not only does this modern trend make fans raise their eyebrows in surprise.

Over the weekend, the actress came out in a total leather look, which she presented while posing for photographers. The bold combination included a floor-length black trench coat with oversized shoulder pads and a seductively open back. Underneath was a bra, miniskirt, and pointed stilettos. The fatal beauty completed the look with a bag from Balenciaga and high gloves. And although Julia often chooses bright makeup, this time, she limited herself to bleached eyebrows, peach blush, and nude lipstick.

After a high-profile romance with Kanye West, the star has long become the epitome of bold style. She often wears all-latex outfits or creates revealing looks herself. Earlier this year, Fox talked about her particular style in an interview:

“My scouts said it was too sexy. It’s too provocative. It’s too frank. I just thought, “Okay, I guess I just need to be more Hollywood and gaudier.” But to hell with it, if I want to wear crazy things, and this is what I want to wear,” she admitted.

I must say that Julia is moving in the right direction, and she has managed to become the best version of herself. At least, she is less and less often associated with the name Ye, and it is recognized that the actress has found her own, albeit not understandable, style.

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