Saturday, June 18, 2022

Johnny Knoxville From Jackass Has Filed For Divorce With Wife Naomi Nelson -


Co-Creator and star of MTV’s reality stunt show, Jackass, Johnny Knoxville has filed for divorce with his wife, Naomi nelson after a 12-year-long marriage.

The reason for divorce as told by Johnny, real name Philip John Clap, himself is irreconcilable differences. In a dramatic fashion, Johnny announced the date of their separation is the same as the date of their anniversary, September 24th.

Johnny and his wife Naomi share two children with each other named Rocko, who is their 12-year-old son, and Arlo, who is their 10-year-old daughter. There have been no scuffles between the couple for full custody. Reports so far say that the reality TV star is asking for joint custody of the kids in both legal and physical domains.

The details of the property situation between the two haven’t been worked out yet and will be addressed at a later time, according to the reports so far.

What is really curious about the separation is that only about a month before the official date of the separation, Johnny took to Instagram to post a heartfelt picture and caption about his wife for her birthday which read,

This isn’t Johnny’s first divorce tho. The actor was previously married in 1995 to then-wife Melanie Lynn Cates.

The marriage lasted till 2006 and the divorce was finalized in 2009. Johnny also has a child out of that wedding named Madison, who is 26 years old as of right now.

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