Thursday, June 2, 2022

Johnny Depp's daughter Lily-Rose Depp showed how to wear tops style -


On May 28, Lily-Rose Depp celebrated her birthday and shared gorgeous pictures. Things from zero more and more often join the ranks of fashion trends. So, known for her passion for vintage finds, Lily-Rose Depp chose the appropriate image for a joyful event. The model posted photos from her 23rd birthday on social media showing off her perfect figure and glowing skin.

Actor Johnny Depp‘s daughter Lily Rose Depp looked stunning in a pink spaghetti strap top and blue shorts, complementing the outfit with a festive ribbon that reads “Birthday Princess.” Having loosened her blonde locks, Lily-Rose opted for romantic makeup in shades of pink, adding graceful arrows and a lip contour. The star also shared a photo of a bouquet of flowers that matched her look perfectly.

In a previous post, Lily-Rose Depp knows that sleeping with makeup damages the skin and leads to imperfections. So no matter how tired she came back from a party or a fashion show, she always went to the bathroom and removed her makeup. Lily first uses micellar water, and then she washes with a foam or gel. After that, she wipes her face with a tonic and applies a night cream. By the way, she repeats this ritual in the morning.

The star of the film “Dancer” (in which Lily-Rose played the role of Isadora Duncan!) considers her mother, actress Vanessa Paradis, an icon of style and the personification of beauty with a French accent. The girl’s favorite pastime is to look at photographs of Vanessa in her youth and take note of her beauty and fashion decisions. One of them is to apply blush not only on the apples of the cheeks but also on the mobile eyelid and under the eyebrow to hide signs of fatigue and make them look brighter.

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