Sunday, June 5, 2022

Jimmy Kimmel Talks About His Future In The Late Night Comedy Domain -


Jimmy Kimmel began his career on late night comedy shows in 2003 when his show first aired and since then has become a household name in the industry and one of the standards for late night comedy. Any future late night shows will probably have Kimmel’s name to live up to as they begin to make their mark in this industry, but what does the future hold for Jimmy himself? When questioned about this situation himself, Jimmy Kimmel had little that he could say with total certainty.

Kimmel says he has no idea what the future holds for him at the moment. The 54 year old comedian said that his heart varies from moment to moment. He mentioned that there are times where he thinks he can longer be a part of the late nights anymore, but then they are coupled with times where he wonders what else would he do if not this. Kimmel also mentioned that his heart is not the only thing instrumental in deciding his next step, he has to think about all the people around him who would be affected by his decision, including his family, his friends and his co-workers. Kimmel made the obvious clear that he will not be doing the show forever, but at the moment he had no set his mind in either direction. He did mention that the topic is on his mind a lot.

Kimmel’s recent monologue went viral all over social media regarding the shooting in Uvalde, Texas where he decided to speak directly to the politicians without any studio audience being there and poured his heart out regarding the tragic loss and the sheer lack of actions that continues to make the situation worse.

Kimmel mentioned in an interview that this is a particularly tough aspect of his job because he isn’t sure whether his words are being heard or just falling on deaf ears, which makes him pessimistic, but he can’t just not talk about what is going on and continue with regular programming.

Jimmy Kimmel’s current contract with ABC will be expiring next year and hence the future remains uncertain.

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