Sunday, June 26, 2022

Jennifer Lopez showed the difference between well-groomed skin and a glamorous look -


Jennifer Lopez gave fans a glimpse of what she looks like before and after meeting her makeup artist.

The 52-year-old actress appeared in a video without makeup and with her hair pulled back, talking about a new product from her JLO beauty brand called That Overnight Hustle, which she called “facial in one bottle.”

Ben Affleck’s fiancée also posted some racy snaps after sitting in her makeup chair for hours. Of course, the difference between natural beauty and a glamorous look was enormous!

However, it is difficult not to appreciate the natural beauty of the singer. She wore a white towel tied around her chest and assured her that her new skin product” works wonders at night .”

Jennifer didn’t have a drop of makeup on as she rubbed in the new cream while in the bathroom.

And after the procedure, Lopez applied a bronzer, and bright eye makeup, made long eyelashes, and made up her lips, which helped her look more expressive.

Jennifer does not hide the fact that she resorts to the help of makeup artists, but she is not scared to show herself without all the attributes of star life.

In addition, by her example, the singer proves the effectiveness of cosmetic care products because, at 52, Lopez looks just fine.

In a previous post, Over the weekend, Jennifer Lopez, now 51, posted a video of one of JLO Beauty‘s beauty products in action.

In the video, the actress and singer share her feelings about the mask and admit that she feels ten years younger. The reaction of the audience was not long in coming.

One of the subscribers immediately wrote that Jennifer Lopez was doing “beauty shots” or, in other words, was doing Botox injections. “

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