Friday, June 3, 2022

Jennifer Lopez lounges by the pool in a Valentino gown and hoop earrings -


Jennifer Lopez knows firsthand a lot about the trends of the 2000s. She won audience recognition just in those bold times when girls were not shy about expressing their glamorous side. And if a couple of years ago, fashion critics condemned celebrities for outfits in the spirit of that time, now everyone remembers fur boots, total denim, and low-rise trousers as one.

True, the singer herself does not need to portray anything because she has been the full-fledged title of an icon of the 2000s for several years now. So for a relaxing holiday by the pool, the star chose a blue-red dressing gown made of natural silk with the logo of the Italian fashion house Valentino. The bright and bold print was perfect for the slender Jennifer Lopez with a slightly chocolatey skin tone. His singer combined with no less authentic glasses, decorated with the gold cut. And the image was completed with massive hoop earrings and nude mules, in harmony with the French manicure.

She showed off her DSW partnership with a pair of nude striped espadrille heels called Minel Sandal and tagged the retailer. The style influencer wrote in the caption, ‘BBQ-Chic. Happy Sunday, everyone … ‘with green heart emojis.

Earlier, the future Mrs. Ben Affleck Jennifer Lopez shared photos from her extravagant closet before the holiday. She was stunned by the green dress with the cutout details in the middle and a wide-brimmed statement hat. ‘Collecting your outfits for the weekend …’ he wrote in the headline, ending it with a green heart emoji.

So do not be shy about your desires – we advise you to take a closer look at the clothes from that wonderful time when girls competed for the title of modern Barbie and fought each other in seductive dance battles at themed parties!

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