Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Jennifer Aniston forgave her father and presented the Emmy award - yuetu.info


Jennifer Aniston presented her father with a Lifetime Achievement in Television Award at the annual Daytime Emmy Awards yesterday, according to People.

John Aniston was honored for his portrayal of Victor Kiriakis in the American soap opera Days of Our Lives. The 88-year-old actor played this role for 37 years.

The actress congratulated her father by recording a special video message for him. “This is a special moment for me. This is an opportunity to pay tribute to a true daytime television icon and recognize all the achievements of the wonderful and respected actor who is my father.

John Aniston has been working tirelessly in television for over half a century. He simultaneously acted in all possible soap operas. Name any for sure, he played in it. His career is what can be called a lifetime achievement.”

However, during the Coronavirus epidemic, it was revealed that Jennifer was in good enough condition with John to make daily calls to the lockdown.

“Jen forgave her father for going out a long time ago. But their relationship is fluctuating, “a source told The Mail on Sunday.

“Jennifer hasn’t talked to him in a lifetime. But she has been on the phone almost every day since the Coronavirus crisis. And not just a brief conversation, ‘the insider noted.

“She seems to have realized that life is too short, and she wants to have a good relationship with John. He is very happy that they have been reconciled.

Recall that John Aniston left his family when Jennifer was nine years old. At that time, the marriage of the parents of the future Hollywood star lasted 11 years. Jennifer found out about her father’s betrayal when she returned from a friend’s birthday party. The actress visited specialists for many years to improve relations with her father.

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