Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Jennifer Aniston complained about Hollywood stars who 'became famous without doing anything.' She was slammed - yuetu.info


Jennifer Aniston spoke about celebrities who became famous without unique talents, which caused the anger of many commentators.

The actress participated in a Variety video project called Actors on Actors, in which movie stars interview each other.

Sebastian Stan became Aniston’s partner, and at some point in the release, the actors began to discuss the scandal with the stolen sex tape of Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson this is precisely what the Pam and Tommy series, in which Stan recently appeared, talks about.

It happened right when the internet started shaping a new culture where people were becoming famous while doing nothing. And in doing so, I built incredible careers. And their reputation, I mean Pam, Paris Hilton- Aniston commented on the story of 1995.

We were lucky to get a little taste of the industry before it became what it is today.

Now there are many streaming services; someone becomes a star thanks to TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram. But unfortunately, all this seems to devalue the profession of an actor.

The conversation between Aniston and Stan received many positive comments, but many dissatisfied people spoke about Jennifer’s words about undeserved celebrities.

Users quickly reminded the star that she got to Hollywood far from “from the street.” Aniston comes from an acting family: her father, John Aniston, was popular thanks to the TV series Days of Our Lives, and her mother, Nancy Dow, also acted in films. Jennifer Aniston plays the same character all the time just another version of herself in every movie, nothing new at all, Always some child of nepotism with no talent who wants to make a name for herself,

I miss the days when you could be famous just by being born wealthy and privileged, that’s what she wanted to say,

Some people are so angry that the industry has become more open, more inclusive, that there is a chance for people from different backgrounds who had nothing but a mobile phone to show the world their talent. Let’s continue to piss them off with this,



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