Tuesday, June 28, 2022

How Claudia Schiffer Maintains Her Supermodel Body and Posture at 51 - yuetu.info


Now the fashion model looks no worse than at the peak of her career. The star managed to develop an individual nutrition and training system, thanks to which she stays in shape and receives enthusiastic comments from fans every day.

Claudia Schiffer is one of the few supermodels who manages to remain a role model and “living motivation” even at 51 years old.

Moreover, not only genetics helps the German beauty to maintain harmony, but also iron willpower. The star has repeatedly admitted that she is inclined to be overweight and is gaining weight very quickly.

That is why she had to completely abandon any junk food: no fast food, starchy, sweet, or fried. Alcohol, carbonated drinks, and even coffee are also strictly prohibited.

For many years, Claudia has been practicing a special diet: the model eats three to four times a day and makes sure that the total daily calorie content does not exceed 1200.

On holidays, Schiffer makes a cheat meal – on such days, she can afford chocolate or cookies, but only from specialized organic stores.

Maintaining a “teenage body” (as fans call Schiffer’s body in the comments under her swimsuit photo) also helps the sports mode.

She works out with a Pilates trainer almost every day, with a focus on lower body exercises. And thanks to Claudia’s yoga classes, it’s easy to keep your posture.

The secret of the star’s perfect legs lies, in her opinion, in her love for long walks. And Claudia always carries a bottle of water with her everywhere she tries to drink two liters every day.

Enjoy every year as the experience comes with confidence. Learn from your mistakes and keep growing, “she said.” Don’t compare yourself to anyone else; no one is perfect; everyone is different; learn to love your flaws because they make you what you are. Just focus on being happy and healthy, and the rest will follow.

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