Monday, June 27, 2022

Heidi Klum is getting ready for Halloween -


For more than 20 years, Heidi Klum has been celebrating the frightening holiday with a loud party that brings together many celebrities.

At the same time, the hostess of the evening turns out to be the hostess of the evening from year to year. Her outfits are always beyond praise.

The model is extremely serious about the outfits that she prepares for the holiday.

As it turned out, Heidi begins preparing for Halloween long before the party itself. The other day, Klum shared a black-and-white video for which she posed in underwear and without makeup.

An employee of the Prosthetic Renaissance company held a special scanner in his hands. “This is where it all starts,” the fashion model briefly signed the video.

By the way, in the last couple of years, Heidi had to cancel her parties due to the coronavirus pandemic. So, after a long break, Klum probably decided to properly prepare for Halloween.

“Usually, I start thinking about it on November 1st. Most often, I already have several ideas that I think about,” the fashion model recalled in an interview.

“To be honest, my progress since the 2000s is very noticeable. Every year I tried to invent better and better. But, I’m very scared to let costume lovers down,” Heidi once admitted.

“I really liked to keep the Halloween spirit alive while keeping my tradition alive,” she told the crowd at the time. “I like engaging people and making them laugh, surprise, amaze, or intimidate.

I like to show what these amazing people can do, and I like to be a canvas for them to perform.

Klum said she still wants to keep her “creative juices flowing” and has come up with a dress that matches her list of stunning shapes.

He painted the body for the film, which took seven hours to complete.

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