Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Heidi Klum in a bodycon lace-up dress -


Heidi Klum never ceases to delight fans with bright spectacular outfits. One evening in New York, the supermodel was wearing a dress with an interesting element.

The day before, the model appeared in a dark blue bodycon lace-up dress with an equally eye-catching neckline. The catwalk star emphasized her long legs with classic shoes.

Recall that the star came to the premiere of the film “Jurassic World: Dominance” in Hollywood with an extreme neckline with a print imitating spikes. The Blinds dress costs $4,500.

In a previous post, Heidi Klum just loves to try on the frankest and most spectacular images. The 49-year-old model has long proved that age will never be an obstacle for her.

Therefore, she boldly chooses provocative outfits and does it very beautifully. On the eve of Heidi appeared at the premiere of the film “Jurassic World: Domination” in Hollywood with her daughter Leni.

Heidi Klum chose an image that perfectly matches the theme of the event. The supermodel wore a dress with an extreme print neckline.

Imitating spikes from The Blinds, worth $4,500. Looks great, as always! Her daughter, 17-year-old aspiring model Looney Klum, stepped out in black corseted trousers.

And by the way, they don’t look the same anymore. Not so long ago, Heidi’s daughter radically changed her image so that she would finally no longer be compared with her famous mother.

Leni Klum has long been stepping on the heels of his famous mother. The girl now and then appears at fashion shows and is removed from the best glossy magazines.

The young model is often compared to her mother, saying that the girl is following in her footsteps. But it seems that Leni no longer wants to be perceived only as of the daughter of Heidi Klum.

The day before, the girl radically changed her image so she would no longer be compared to her mother. 17-year-old Leni debuted at Cannes with a new shade of chestnut hair.


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