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Gray hair boldness on the part of an actress, What Sarah Jessica Parker requesting fans to -


57-year-old Sarah Jessica Parker gave an interview to Allure and talked about what age means to her.

However, the actress had mixed reactions to her grey-haired photo, which was heavily criticized last year.

“It became the subject of months of talk about how brave I am that I have gray hair. Finally, I thought, “Please applaud someone’s courage in something!

” I can’t waste time doing makeup every two weeks. I can not. No,” said Sarah about the true reason for her decision.

A similar situation happened to the actress during one episode of the TV series “And just like that …”, in which her character Carrie Bradshaw accompanied Anthony (Mario Cantone) to a consultation with a plastic surgeon.

But in the end, she accepted the doctor’s offer to see the effect of the operation on her. The serial doctor promised that the journalist would look 15 years younger.

“Very brave, Sarah Jessica. You were so brave,” Parker said in an interview with Allure about the reviews she received after the episode aired.

Like Carrie, Parker wasn’t too tempted by the plastic surgeon’s offer. “What’s the point? It just doesn’t matter to me. For me, the main thing is that I feel good in accordance with my provision.

Of course, I’m not without vanity; I just don’t care much about the opinions of others,” she concluded.

Instead, Sarah invites the world to see wrinkles as a natural phenomenon, bringing many positive things together.

“We spend so much time talking about aging leading to wrinkles, but the strangest thing is that we don’t talk about how I’m doing my job better, better as a friend, better as a daughter, better as a partner.

, better like a sister,” Parker told the publication. This isn’t the first time the actress has been so open about the world’s conflicting reactions to someone else’s age.

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