Sunday, June 5, 2022

Gigi Hadid decided that with the onset of summer, you need to change into pajamas -


The Hadid sisters seem to agree: now, among the stars, we must be the first and set fashion trends and not keep up with others. So, Bella began to actively add elements of the style of informal groups from zero to her outfits (for example, skater sneakers with a wide soft tongue, as in the recent show of the Dior men’s line ) and leopard print, and Gigi – to rely on micro shorts and swimsuits instead of bodysuits. Next in line is a new lesson from older sister Hadid.

On the set of the Netflix show Next in Fashion, in which Gigi became the host, the model appeared in a Frankies Bikinis cotton pajama set. Together with comfortable cork-soled slippers and a large shopper, a relaxed home look began to claim the status of a comfortable summer uniform if business meetings were not scheduled during the day.

At the bikini and monokini launch party, Gigi looked new.

The model wore a one-piece white swimsuit with low-rise trousers with a delicate blue pattern, a very short shirt with only sleeves left, and classic pumps and a hat. Let’s remember the style trick for summer: as the celebrity showed, Monokini can play the role of a fabulous body suit. In a previous post, The show of the Dior x ERL capsule collection took place near the famous Venice Beach in Los Angeles, and Windward Ave became the podium. Kim Jones and Eli Russell Linnetz combined the Californian rebellious spirit and the French love for tradition and the highest quality in dozens of sets – this is how thinly embroidered hoodies worn over shirts with ties, satin trouser suits and skater sneakers with loose laces, and wide tongues, stitched with branded Dior stitching with Cannage motif.


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