Thursday, June 23, 2022

Gerard Pique mourns after parting from Shakira -


In early June of this year, information appeared on the Web that, after 11 years of marriage, Shakira and Gerard Pique decided to leave.

At first, journalists called the reason for the numerous betrayals of the football player. There were also rumors that for a long time, the singer and athlete had an open relationship.

Soon, the information about the gap was officially confirmed by the artist herself.

However, rumors of betrayal, apparently, were seriously exaggerated. Indeed, almost immediately after the breakup, Shakira and Gerard continued to spend time together.

However, even this does not help the athlete cope with the injury after a loud breakup.

Shortly before the start of the new season, the president of the Barcelona football club, Joan Laporta, gave an interview in which he spoke about the emotional state of the athlete.

“Pique is suffering. Ignore the news that talks about his frivolity and insensitivity. He is an extraordinary person and is very worried now,” said Joan.

Laporta also urged fans to give Piqué all the support they could. “We all need to help him. And I will be the first to give him the shoulder he deserves,” added Joan.

Laporta also claims that Pique has decided not to retire from football to become a full-time entrepreneur.

The defender was accused of fake dealings in 2019 when leaked messages showed that Pique’s company had earned £ 20 million from the Spanish Super Cup in Saudi Arabia.

The Barcelona star has lost 5 million followers on Instagram in recent days, ending his 11-year relationship with the Colombian singer.

The Culemanian poll revealed that 63.3% of fans think Pique should leave the club, while 17.1% said he should continue playing for the club.

On the other hand, the Waka Waka hitmaker counted another 300,000 her followers counter on the platform every day.

Shakira’s career is seemingly on the rise after the release of her track Te Felicito which has already crossed 100 million views.

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