Monday, June 6, 2022

Gerard Pique cheated on Shakira with his colleague's mother -


Recently it became known that Shakira and Gerard Piqué broke up after 12 years of relationship. Insiders said that the singer suspected her lover of treason, so she kicked him out of the house. Now it turned out who the athlete’s mistress was.

The Spanish press claims that Gerard had an affair with the mother of 17-year-old Barcelona midfielder Pablo Gavi. According to sources, Gerard repeatedly brought the woman home. In one of these meetings, Shakira caught the traitor red-handed.

Earlier, the media reported that recently Pique literally “disappeared” in nightclubs and did not come home to spend the night, so the couple’s civil marriage deteriorated greatly. The athlete’s unwillingness to legitimize the relationship also oppressed the singer.

We remind you that the stars met in 2010. At first, the lovers hid the affair, but soon they publicly confessed their love to each other. In 2012, their first child was born, and three years later, the couple had another son. Shakira and Gerard Piqué’s love story began in 2010 – then the stars met on the set of the singer’s video.

The spark between them quickly turned into a real flame – the novel quickly developed. At first, celebrities tried to hide their relationship, but they soon got tired of it. In 2012, the couple had their first child, and three years later, their youngest son was born.

Although neither side has addressed the claims, the report says it is confident the couple will separate. Talking during a live video stream before this week, the questioning journalist said: Shakira has decided to separate, that’s what happened, that’s what happened, that’s why there’s a distance, maybe nothing left. But that disbelief has passed.

On the field, the 35-year-old defender was ruled out of Barcelona’s last match of the La Liga season against Villarreal due to injury. Overall, the latest season has been a nightmare for the Catalan giants as they have failed to win a single trophy.

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