Saturday, June 18, 2022

Gabrielle Union Praises Margaret Cho In An Impressive Message -


Gabrielle Union continues the series of praises for important women on her social media account. Check out the latest lady that she talked about.

‘Today’s #WCW is the hilarious, the talented and multi-faceted queen herself – @margaret_cho . If there is anyone who knows how to land a joke, its Margaret. The way she uses self-deprecation intertwined with wit is truly genius,’ Gabrielle began her message.

She continued and said: ‘Not only does she like to poke fun at herself, but she also can tell a joke all while bringing up important issues like race, sexuality and gender and still making it funny. When she’s not on stage, she’s still doing the work as an activist and making sure her, and other voices are heard.’

Gabrielle also made sure to point out the following:

‘She recently participated in @netflixisajoke and performed her set “STAND OUT: AN LGBTQ CELEBRATION” and absolutely killed it! If you missed it, you could still catch her on tour this summer – you won’t regret it. Let us lift her up in the light of goodness and hold her there.’

Not too long ago, Gabrielle Union just praised Zaya Wade for price month. Check out the post that she shared on her social media account.

‘Our PRIDE never wavers. Our LOVE is unconditional. Our ACTIONS match our intentions. Our BELIEF knows no limits. 10 toes down ’til the wheels fall off. We love you @zayawade always and forever. Happy Pride,’ she said.

Someone commented: ‘Just simply Beautiful! Happy Pride month,’ and a follower dropped this message: ‘If only more parents were like you. What a better world we would have.’

A follower said: ‘@gabunion from one proud mom to another @zayawade is absolutely beautiful and I thank you both for sharing your lives with the world.#happypride.’

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