Monday, June 13, 2022

Emily Ratajkowski was criticized for having a tattoo on the body of a one-year-old son -


Emily Ratajkowski, who became a mother for the first time last year, has been repeatedly criticized for raising her son Sylvester. As soon as the model shared a fresh frame with the baby, Internet users began to teach her how to handle their own child and gave unsolicited advice.

However, this time they literally pounced on the star. The reason was her fresh frame on the social network with tattoos dedicated to her son. In the photo, Sly is written on various private bodies – this is what Ratajkowski and her husband Sebastian Bear-McClard affectionately call their son.

“Sly forever,” the star wrote.

Whether these are real tattoos or just a drawing, and also to whom they belong, Emily did not specify. Internet users, however, did not understand and attacked Emily with criticism.

“He’s too small for tattoos!”, “Oh my God, she got her kid tattooed!”, “I really hope you didn’t. He’s still a child” “Not too early for tattoos?”, Ratajkowski’s followers were outraged.

Emily, however, has so far left fans’ questions unanswered.

Emily Ratajkowski shared with fans the good news. On March 8, the model gave birth to her first child from her husband, producer, and actor Sebastian Bear-McClard. The star brunette announced this on Instagram. The baby was named Sylvester Apollo. In a photograph taken in the ward of the maternity hospital, Ratajkowski is captured with a baby in her arms. The baby, pressed by his mother to her bare chest, was dressed in a pink suit. Earlier, the star said that she would not impose on the heir the idea of ​​​​what a boy or girl should be: “We will not know the gender of our child until he is 18 years old. Then he himself will tell us about it.”

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