Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Emily Ratajkowski sued for posting her photo -


Supermodel Emily Ratajkowski has been sued after she posted two paparazzi photos of herself on Instagram. It is written by The New York Post.

The plaintiff, Queens-based street photographer Edward Opinaldo, said the model used his photographs without obtaining his permission, thereby infringing his copyright.

Paparazzi photographed Emily Ratajkowski as she left a building in New York on June 17, 2019. On the same day, the model published his pictures on social networks, gaining 288 thousand likes.

The rights to the images that have become the subject of litigation, the photographer registered in July 2019. In September, it drew attention to the fact that they were published on the supermodel’s social networks.

What requirements Edward Opinaldo makes to Emily Ratajkowski is not specified.

Earlier, in October 2019, photographer Robert O’Neill sued the model for the same reason – he stated that she published her photograph of his authorship without permission, in which she walks around New York with a bouquet of flowers.

The matter was settled in April of this year.

Earlier it was reported that In the US, Meghan Markle’s popularity has declined. It is reported by The Sun, citing data from the global research company YouGov.

According to a recent study, only 45% of Americans now perceive the Duchess of Sussex “positively or in some way positively.”

Commenting on this data, royal affairs expert Neil Gardiner suggested that one of the reasons for Meghan Markle’s decline in popularity is the fact that she still retains her aristocratic title.

“Many Americans wonder why she is still the Duchess of Sussex, even though she speaks out against the monarchy so often,” he explained.

The expert noted that in the US, the popularity of the Dukes of Sussex is declining in the same way as in the UK, and this decline will continue.

“The Queen is simply adored in the US, as are Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge,” he said.

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