Saturday, June 25, 2022

Elliot Page Says His Life Has Been Much Finer After Transgender Evolution -


Elliot Page‘s life has changed, and he returned to the screen after the transition with the debut of the 3rd season of The Umbrella Academy.

In an unprecedented move, the actor’s character Vanya Hargreaves will also be Victor Hargreaves’ boyfriend in the series, which premieres on June 22.

Elliot spoke about his current state and how he feels about himself on an episode of Late Night with Seth Meyers, stating that his life has “improved a lot. ”

In December 2020, Ellen Page announced her decision to become transgender to the world, and in March 2022, Netflix announced that his character would also follow his path.

Especially valuable is how respectfully the screenwriter Steve Blackman reacted to the choice of the actor.

“When we first talked about it, he was pleased to include this moment in the series. Steve is a wonderful person,” Page said.

Elliott admitted that he thought a lot about the difficult times in his life and certain obstacles, but ultimately, after going through it on the show, you will really empathize with the hero.

“I think about the times in my life when I was most uncomfortable. And I was very angry with myself or overly self-satisfied. The transition changed my life dramatically.

I hope that people who have grievances against me can try to hear it and accept it on some level,” says the celebrity.

Of course, Seth asked Elliot how he managed to cope with the adverse reaction because not everyone was ready for the actor’s decision.

However, Paige prefers to think positively rather than dwell on the expectations of others. “I want to focus now on the joy I feel. I feel like I really never imagined for years.

This is what I’m most focused on. But of course, there are overwhelming moments,” Elliot replied.


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