Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Dior brings Johnny Depp's Sauvage fragrance ad back into orbit after actor wins lawsuit against Amber Heard -


Johnny Depp‘s Dior Sauvage fragrance ad is back in the rotation after the actor won the defamation lawsuit against Amber Heard. It is clear that the French fashion house is betting big on Johnny, despite recent revelations in his high-profile libel suit against his ex-wife.

By the way, the brand continued to support the 59-year-old actor throughout the trial. Now experts report that after the announcement of the court’s verdict, sales of the Sauvage fragrance advertised by it in retail stores have increased.

But Dior has yet to reveal whether it will film a new commercial featuring Depp.

The famous actor became the face of the fragrance in 2015. When Depp was embroiled in a series of scandals, Dior broke the precedent and continued to support the celebrity, despite the allegations of physical and sexual abuse leveled against him by Amber Heard.

Film companies at this time tore up contracts. And reports of unprofessional behavior on set.

Depp has also filmed other commercials for the fashion house, including a 2019 video that was criticized for cultural appropriation of native Americans.

But in this case, Dior took note of the complaints and removed the advertisement and related material from its social media posts.

More recently, Sephora, a chain of perfumery and cosmetics supermarkets, placed an advertisement for the Sauvage fragrance on its social networks.

The retailer previously reported that stores are seeing an increase in sales of the cologne that Depp advertises, and it has even become one of the best-selling fragrances on the Internet.

Despite the fact that the French luxury brand is backing Depp, there are no signs yet that Hollywood is planning to enlist him in any major projects.

Speaking to The Sunday Times last month, producer Jerry Bruckheimer said he had no plans to bring the actor back to the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise.

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