Monday, June 13, 2022

David Beckham spoke about his most unusual hairstyles -


For the past two decades, David Beckham has been confidently included in the ratings of the most attractive men. His leading position does not change – only the age category changes.

However, it remains the standard of male style for men of all ages. In a conversation with his friend Gary Neville, the former football player recalled how many hairstyles he managed to change during his career. Spoiler: quite a lot!

The most problematic for David was the Mohawk. He wore it at the very beginning of the 2000s and not for long. But it’s not that Beckham didn’t like this hairstyle. Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson asked him to get rid of the Mohawk.

Quite a lot of problems, as it turned out from the interview, were brought by pigtails, which David decided to do in 2003 after a glass of wine in France.

He quickly dismissed them, returning to his average length. Looking at archival photos, Beckham laughed: “I always thought I looked great, but now, looking back, I don’t think so.”

Beckham added that he is ready to return to one of his previous hairstyles at any time. And this is baldness. “I have always liked the bare head. Nothing needs to be done with the bald head, so I really liked it,” the athlete concluded.

The former Manchester United player spoke further about his fashion choices, saying: “I’ve always felt good. I look back now, and I’m not sure, but I always felt that I was always wearing the right thing at that time.

“I just loved fashion,” Beckham continued. “I like to wear different things and different clothes and things like that.”

Meanwhile, David discussed his abundant body art, revealing the number of tattoos on his body, recalling his first couple.

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