Tuesday, June 7, 2022

David Beckham made a deal for 10 million- But lost the opportunity to receive a knighthood - yuetu.info


In the UK, the brightest celebrities are often awarded the title of “sir,” but David Beckham, despite a long friendship with Prince William, has not yet received a knighthood.

There were rumors that the football player’s dream would come true this year, but a major deal “canceled” the athlete’s award.

The Daily Mail stated that Beckham was officially nominated for an honorary award, but his name was removed from the list of contenders for a knighthood due to a £10 million contract.

It is reported that the former England captain agreed to become the face of the World Cup in Qatar, which provoked a wave of indignation even among the most devoted fans.

Fans are embarrassed that the rights of minorities are oppressed in an Arab country, so Internet users reacted extremely negatively to David’s decision.

“David did an incredible job, but the Qatar deal was a mistake if he really wanted to be a sir. He takes a lot of money to promote a country where women and gays are disadvantaged,” said a tabloid insider. An insider said there were fears that the Qatar Accord could stand with an honorary committee examining the nominations against him.

“David has done some extraordinary things, but the agreement with Qatar did not have to be signed if he wanted to be the head.” “It simply came to our notice then.

“He is taking a lot of money to promote a country where women and homosexuals are insulted. With all the money and its huge charitable contribution, the issue of Qatar now stands as an issue for it.

Beckham insists his involvement with Qatar provides an opportunity for change from within and to ‘use football as a force for good,’ but gay magazine Attitude on the former Manchester United midfielder Accused of hypocrisy after praising Jake Daniels of Blackpool.

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