Friday, June 10, 2022

Dating 50 People In 1 Year, Rebel Wilson's Year Of Love -


Comedian and actress Rebel Wilson has recently revealed a very strange experiment she conducted in a desperate attempt to find love, and the most surprising part of the entire story is that it actually worked.

Rebel revealed that she decided to go on a rampage of dating, going out with at least 50 different people in the span of a single year. The Pitch Perfect actress titled it her, “Year of Love,” and for the purpose of conducting this year long search for a partner, Rebel employed the help of her mutual friends with the people she dated and the app Raya which is a dating app made specifically for celebrities.

The 42 year old said that some of the romantic partners lasted longer than others and some of them were out of her life after merely one date. Rebel said that she wanted to get this experience of really putting herself out into the world. The comedian also went onto say that not only did she date a large quantity of people, she also went through a wide variety of people. Rebel went out with people coming from a ton of money such as billionaires and businessmen while she also went out with people, “that had nothing.” The whole journey was meant to help Rebel understand what she wants out of a romantic partner.

Eventually, Rebel ended up finding the woman of her dreams as a friend of hers set her up. Rebel initially kept the identity of her girlfriend a secret only revealing that the friend that set the two up had known them both for 5 years. “I think that escalates things quicker, meeting someone from a trusted source. I can trust that they are who they say they are, which is something on the apps that you don’t really know,” said the comedian.

However, on the 9th of June everyone finally came to know the identity of Rebel’s secret love interest when Rebel posted a picture of herself and girlfriend Ramona on Instagram and wrote in the caption that while all this time she was looking for a prince what she really needed was a princess.

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