Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Coming out, Rebel Wilson is considering marriage - yuetu.info


Australian actress Rebel Wilson and her lover, fashion designer Ramona Agrum, are planning to get married. This is reported by the Daily Mail, citing sources close to the couple.

According to insiders, Rebel Wilson introduced Ramon Agrum to her mother as she planned to marry her lover: “They became very close very quickly. Rebel Wilson’s mother, Sue Bounds, recently flew to Los Angeles to meet her daughter’s girlfriend. After that, they discussed starting a family and getting married together.”

Neither the actress nor her new passion commented on the news of the upcoming wedding.

The day before, Rebel Wilson came out on social networks. The actress posted a photo with Ramona Agrum, and in the caption, she admitted that she was “looking for a Disney prince, but she needed a princess.”

For the first time, Rebel Wilson and Ramona Agrum were seen together in January 2022. In March, Agrum accompanied Wilson to the Vanity Fair Oscars After Party.

Earlier, Rebel Wilson spoke about harassment by a colleague on the set. In a previous post, The actress, the star of the films “Bachelorette Party in Vegas” and “Jojo Rabbit” Rebel Wilson, came out as a lesbian on one of the social networks. The Guardian writes about it.

The 42-year-old Australian posted a selfie with her partner, who turned out to be fashion designer Ramon Agrum.

Agrumah and Wilson were first seen together in January 2022. In March, Agrum accompanied Wilson to the Vanity Fair edition of the Oscars.

In May 2022, in an interview with People, Wilson admitted that she had a “late maturation” in a romantic relationship, and she first maintained friendly relations with her current partner.

Earlier, Wilson recalled how a few years ago, her colleague on the set lowered his pants in front of her and urged her to have sex with him in front of strangers. “He called me into the room and dropped his pants. It was terrible and disgusting,” admitted Wilson.

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