Friday, June 10, 2022

Cher and Donatella Versace launch the Chersace collection -


Singer Cher teamed up with Versace to celebrate Pride Month. Hypebeast reports this.

As part of the collaboration, Cher and the creative director of the Donatella Versace released t-shirts, caps, and socks in black. All items feature the fashion house’s logo in the form of a jellyfish and the inscription Chersace, made in iridescent colors.

“Donatella and I have been friends for a very long time. So it’s great that our first collaboration will be dedicated to LGBTQ people and supporting the community that means so much to us,” Cher said. “We wanted to make a fun collection to support a good cause, and we hope you enjoy it.”

Part of the proceeds from the capsule sale will go to the Gender Spectrum Foundation, which is dedicated to creating gender-inclusive spaces for young people.

Earlier, It was reported that The Spanish police were interested in the origin of the funds that Juan Carlos I, as King, spent on hunting and other entertainment – the department of financial and tax inspection explained that several requests were sent to the abdicated monarch over the past year.

In addition, Juan Carlos I is asked to explain the origin of some of the gifts he received from unknown persons during his reign.

According to the Spanish constitution, the Spanish King is not subject to jurisdiction and liability – but only during the exercise of his powers. The King receives from the state budget the total amount for the maintenance of his family and the Court and can freely dispose of it.

Although Juan Carlos I abdicated in 2014 due to scandals related to his personal life and alleged financial fraud, several investigations are open against him. Earlier it became known that the former King of Spain, Juan Carlos I, would return to the country after a two-year exile.

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