Thursday, June 2, 2022

Charlie Cox Might Be Coming To "Daredevil" On Disney+ Sooner Than You'd Think -


Disney+ has put out a lot of shows that the world adores. With shows ranging of all kinds, from kid shows to adult shows, the company has won the hearts of many. A lot of the series on Disney+ are favorites but many people are excited for “Daredevil”.

According to a source, Disney+ is in the works to create a new series called “Daredevil”. The show is an adaptation of the Marvel comics so tons of fans are already excited to see comics come to life. The creators of “Covert Affairs”, Matt Corman and Chris Ord, are expected to produce and write the show and fans are ecstatic.

Earlier this year, Netflix had the misfortune of losing rights over several of its shows one of which was “Daredevil”. The series was shown again on Disney+. However, the show was canceled in 2018 and fans believed this was the last they would see of the show. But to their surprise, a new series is being introduced. However, it is not confirmed which actors from the Netflix series would continue to act on Disney+.

Charlie Cox was seen as “Daredevil” in the Spiderman marvel movie “Spiderman: No Way Home”. Cox was officially a part of the Marvel universe so fans should expect to see him in many other shows as well. One of these shows may just be another Disney+ show “Hawkeye”. He might also show up in “Echo”, a brand new spin-off show on Disney+ starring Maya Lopez as Echo.

Although Cox has not officially confirmed his attendance on the show, the Marvel Boss Kevin Feige stated that there were no plans to recast Matt Murdock again. So the probability of the show happening with Cox is very high.

Cox has also said once that he would love to act as “Daredevil” again. This enthusiasm is what makes everyone so sure he will return. The world believes it is just a matter of time before the call is made and the actor is set. And the Marvel fans could not be more excited about what’s about to come.

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