Sunday, June 12, 2022

Captain America Loves Cats; Chris Evans Speaks Out at Buzz Lightyear Premier -


Chris Evans has had a special place in the heart of all Americans ever since he first donned the stars and stripes of Captain America in the MCU back in 2011 but it seems that Evans has his eyes set on every iconic one of a kind role in the film industry as he is now the voice behind the one and only Buzz Lightyear from the renowned Toy Story Franchise, in the upcoming solo film for the character titled, Lightyear.

Chris appeared on the Hollywood premier on the film and talked about different aspects of the film including the character of Buzz Lightyear’s cat named Socks. Chris is primarily known as a dog lover to anyone who follows the actor on social media. His social media is filled with pictures of Chris with his pet dogs but at the premier Chris talked about how the movie did such a good job with the character of Socks that Chris is now considering giving some of his attention to cats. “Maybe I need to give cats some more love,” said Captain Rogers in an interview.

Chris further talked about the fact that Tim Allen, who previously voiced Buzz Lightyear in all the Toy Story films, holds the true essence of the character and that Chris did his best to incorporate as much of Allen’s performance into his own as he could.

Lightyear was first announced in 2020 as a spin-off and an origin story for the character of Buzz Lightyear, depicting Buzz in his early years and it was then announced the Evans would be voicing the character’s younger self. Evans is prominently known for his love for animations and for his love for Disney films and characters in general hence he was very happy to take on the role. Director Angus MacLane revealed that Chris was his first and only choice for the role and he never intended to offer the role to anyone else.

Lightyear will be hitting theatres around the world on the 17th of June and fans couldn’t be more excited.


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