Sunday, June 19, 2022

Britney Spears has deleted her Instagram account again -


Singer Britney Spears has deleted her Instagram account. It is reported by TMZ.

The star has been very active on social media lately and has spoken about her family, her marriage, and her custody. Also, in the Spears account, you could see a series of nude shots.

This is the second time the singer has decided to put her personal blog on hold. Spears first deleted her account in March without explanation, but later she decided to return and actively led social networks.

In recent months, Britney Spears has been actively using Instagram: she talked about the conflicts in her family, showed her fiancé, and published photo shoots of varying degrees of candor.

Previously, Britney Spears said that her father “deprived her of her femininity” when in 2008, he issued guardianship over her and took control of all her personal, medical, and financial affairs of the singer.

Jamie Spears lost custody of her daughter back in November 2021, but Britney herself has returned to the subject frequently in her Instagram posts so far.

Unnamed sources report that the singer’s profile was not deleted at the initiative of Instagram. Apparently, she did it on her own.

Earlier it became known that Britney Spears fired the security team after the incident with her ex-husband Jason Alexander, which occurred at her wedding to Sam Asgari. Jason Alexander broke into the artist’s house and was armed with a knife.

In a previous post, She took a selfie in the mirror, remaining only in stockings and a choker and covering her intimate area with a heart-shaped emoji. “Free female energy has never been so good,” she signed the frame.

Under the post of a 40-year-old star, there are already almost 2 million likes. She turned off comments on this and several other posts – the singer’s subscribers regularly try to hint to her that the content on the page has become too defiant and worry about her mental health.


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