Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Britney Spears' father sues her again - yuetu.info


It seemed that a white streak had finally come in the life of Britney Spears: she was freed from the care of her father Jamie and married 28-year-old fitness trainer Sam Asghari.

But the artist’s joy was short-lived. First, Britney lost her baby, and recently it became known that the star’s father sued her.

According to TMZ, Jamie Spears wants his eldest daughter to testify. In his opinion, Britney in social networks denigrates his name.

Lawyers also believe that the singer is preparing a new series of posts and writing memoirs that will completely ruin Jamie’s reputation. The father of the star wants to challenge all these accusations.

Mr. Spears wants the singer to tell under oath whether he really forced her to donate eight tubes of blood for medical treatment, forbade drinking painkillers, and also forced her to undergo psychotherapy.

Recall that Britney Spears was under the tutelage of her father for 13 years, who controlled her personal life and finances of the singer.

By a court decision, the artist was freed from constant control by a relative only in November 2021. After that, the star finally broke all ties with the family and did not invite any of them to the wedding.

After being released from custody, Britney eventually broke off all contact with her family. “I don’t want to have a relationship with any of them; I deny them,” the singer told the court last summer.

And he kept his promise: there was no one at the wedding, not even Star Lynn Spears’ mother.

But the woman could not ignore such an important event in her daughter’s life. In 2007, star Kevin was going through a difficult divorce from Federline and began abusing alcohol and illicit substances.

Because of this, in 2008, the court partially disqualified Britney, depriving her of the right to decide what to do.

Along with her guardianship and ability to control her daughter’s seriousness, she had the opportunity to take full control of all aspects of her life.

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