Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Bella Hadid wore shorts so short that it was almost impossible to see them -


Watching Bella Hadid’s outfits is a real pleasure. Recently, the model showed how to wear bright clogs this season, and now she showed how to create a memorable and stylish look, consisting of one men’s t-shirt.

So, the paparazzi photographed the star on a walk with her boyfriend, Marc Kalman, in New York. Bella was dressed in a black sports T-shirt that looked like a mini dress on her, Adidas sneakers, and white stockings, which emphasized the long, slender legs of the beauty.

Naturally, the fashion model also had shorts, but she chose such a short version that it was almost impossible to see them.

Hadid decided to complement the bow with a white bag, sunglasses, and golden necklaces in several rows. The girl lifted her dark curls up, leaving a bang.

“What legs, go crazy,” “Very impressive,” “Better than any flowered dresses,” “Bella is so beautiful, no words,” “A guide on how to find a dress in a boyfriend’s closet,” Internet users commented on the image.

In a previous post, Bella Hadid is often included in the lists of the most stylish celebrities, but the model’s unusual bows sometimes still raise questions.

For example, recently, the beauty tried on trousers that shortened even the longest legs, and now she showed shoes that provoked heated debate on the Web.

So, the paparazzi photographed the model on a walk in New York in a white cropped top and blue jeans. In a stylish outfit that emphasized Bella’s chiseled figure, the star added a headband, sunglasses, a brown belt, and clogs with a check print.

Of course, for the past few years, such a model has not left the list of trends, but not all girls have decided to tame it. However, Bella seems to have found the formula for success. Basic things without accents do not overload the image, leaving room for almost any shoe. By the way, bright sandals would also look appropriate, but we managed to get tired of them.

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