Saturday, June 25, 2022

Bella Hadid relied on elegance and tried on a vintage wrap dress -


The model continues to try on finds from vintage stores in New York. Next in line is the perfect dress with a retro print, which, thanks to the smell, made Bella’s waist even thinner.

Bella Hadid continues to showcase unique items from small vintage boutiques around the world. This time, the celebrity opted for a scarlet mini dress with a colorful print reminiscent of the interiors from Kubrick’s The Shining.

The model found the outfit in the New York Kalimera store, the shopper of which, by the way, she wears on weekdays to free her hands and carry everything she needs with her.

The scarlet wrap mini, which emphasized the waist and décolleté area thanks to the V-neckline, was complemented by Bella with high boots with steady heels and miniature glasses with oval lenses in a metal frame.

We suspect that the model in such an outfit was in a hurry to a business meeting: in her hands was a laptop plastered with logos of the Kin Euphorics wellness drinks brand, of which Bella became an investor in 2021.

Hadid’s idea as a modern-day Andy Sachs is fun and considering that the model is immersed in acting these days, it’s not ridiculous to assume that she can play the role. So is.

Of course, The Devil Wears Prada is a work of Prada art that doesn’t need to be touched or updated in this reboot-obsessed culture. But if one can pull it off, it can only be Hadid.

Presumably, she will also provide her own clothing. In a previous post, The next day, Hadid took to the streets again, this time with his favorite style partner, her boyfriend, Marc Kalman.

To walk around during the day, Hadid kept calm in a plaid mini skirt, which she paired with a mint green vintage Burberry jacket, zipped all the way.

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